Hashed Network

05 Aug 2022 - Hashed Network - MD5 Testnet Launch

Digitalness Series

22 Nov 2021 - Digitalness - Part 1 - An Underrated Speech

22 Nov 2021 - Digitalness - Part 2 - Digitalness Primer

22 Nov 2021 - Digitalness - Part 3 - Kitchen Lands DAO LLC buys 35 acres in Wyoming


27 May 2022 - Overview of Hashed Network

02 Feb 2022 - Launch of Hashed Chain Chaos network

30 Jan 2022 - Document Graph Explorer opens Public BETA on Telos

05 Jan 2022 – Hashed Summit 2021


Hashed provides products and services enabled by blockchain technology. Our platform features high quality, well-tested building blocks that jumpstart new product development.

We operate high-availability, low-latency production nodes on the world’s top networks. Our experienced team has a proven track record of repeatedly delivering best of breed outcomes.

Current Stack

Polkadot/Substrate | Bitcoin | EOSIO | Ethereum


Enterprise- Top 10 Global Bank: Inter-bank asset tokenization plattform.
- S&K: Due diligence analytics platform for REITS, IF, and CEF.
- Proxy Financial: On-chain applications for RE Broker-Dealers.
DAO- Hypha: Multi-tenant platform with flexible governance models.
- Double-entry accounting product with Multi Token support.
- Undisclosed: Smart contract’s for WY registered DAOs
DeFi- BennyFi: Premium Bond mechanics for crypto yields.
- Seeds: Peer-to-peer token to fiat exchange plattform.
NFT- Diamond Standard: NFTs backed by diamonds. Enabling trading.
- Undisclosed: NFT smart contracts for international artists.
Nodes- Pioneer Telos network Block Producer.


Asset Tokenization | Node Operations | NFT | Identity | DAO | Bitcoin